Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another one step forward, two steps back

Yesterday was our quarterly visit to Shriners for Mia's feet, and what should have been a 15 minute check-up turned into a four hour ordeal. Her dorsiflexion has been getting worse over her last two visits, and it was time to go back to the casts.

She was a tremendously good sport about the whole visit, considering she missed a nap and her lunch was very late.

She also didn't make a peep during the casting process, but she's always sort of liked it. They're warm and cozy for the first ten minutes or so, and I think she's like that. Things don't go downhill until she realizes she can't move her legs. As of now she has to wear them for at least a week, we'll know more after her visit next week. So far she's only had a few moments of outrage about her casts, she's been fairly easy to distract with the Baby Channel, and my iPad. Pretty soon I'm sure she'll realize how immobile she is, as the casts are about 1/3rd of her body weight, and her outrage will flare again; but I also have no doubt that she will have figured out how to scoot around, despite the added weight, by tomorrow.

Fingers crossed the casts will come off next Monday, and stay off!!

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Jackie said...

Oh Anne, I know how awful it feels when what is ment to be a quick visit turns into a 1/2 day ordeal (or more)! Keep your head up! I'm praying for you and that sweet little baby of yours! She is so sweet! Miss you! Love, Hugs and Prayers! Jackie