Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer is coming!

We successfully survived Mia's last casting, she is such a phenomenally patient toddler! The only thing she couldn't do, which she enjoys, is climbing up on the couch, the casts were just too heavy.

And now she's back on track, crawling as fast as her legs will carry her, and toddling with support.

Plans for the summer are well underway, this will be our first traditional summer break from school, it will be so nice to have a long, relaxing summer! Matt's already signed up for extra academic classes, golf, and tennis; Sofia will be continuing dance lessons, and start Girls Scouts. And they're both signed up for their first scrapbooking class, Matt was polite enough to only give a 3/4 eye roll when he heard that news!

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Diana said...

love it! He did great while he was at the store. I think, secretly, he was please with his creation