Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Little Word - A Resolution?

Since I was a teenager l I've done New Years Resolutions, and like most people who do them, they're blown within weeks. Clearly, planning on totally recreating myself every January is completely unrealistic.

Then about five years ago I read about Ali Edwards' One Little Word Project, and it actually seems like something I could accomplish. And for the last five years I've had every intention of following through with this concept as a scrapbook project, yet by the second week of January I've completely fallen behind. Last year I used the word Breathe, and though I didn't do any scrapbook project around it, I definitely benefited from it, especially when my darling children are driving me crazy!

I thought about keeping "Breathe" again this year, and actually following through doing some projects with it; but this year I'm really focused on changing my lifestyle, so this year I'm going with the word "Focused".

At least it's easier than a laundry list of resolutions....maybe :)

I just like this picture, Mia walking on her own again two and half months after her last surgery. She's just too darned cute, and she is my inspiration to be focused.

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Diana said...

no more casts?
We have to get together soon, but it'll have to wait until after I kick this head cold. See you soon :)